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I'm David, a software engineer and cloud architect.
I specialize in serverless development, cloud architecture and implementation, and write about my experiences along the way.

I have some longer-term projects I’ve been wanting to create. These are about learning, but sometimes they are also about immediate needs. When those can be teachable… we will do this on stream.

Here is a breakdown of what I’m thinking for our first one.

Prior Art

I learned about themes from this video, primarily:

Chris Biscardi

Youtube Video: Introducing Gatsby Themes (duration: 33:43)

I also learned from these people in my community (contact links will be updated as I can)

When you need one

We need one

We have some common things across 3 gatsby sites already, here are the immediate candidates:

We might need several more

YOU might need this too

Think about the “stuff” separate from your site. Do you:

Learn more with me

Quarter 2 of 2020 is a reboot of my stream. We will have 10 to 12 weeeks on each project to architect, build and SHIP a thing to production.

This project is slated as our first attempt.

You can find me live at 4pm ET every Thursday