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Map out the presentation

Here’s how I like to map out a presentation. It’s not the best, but it does allow me to quickly re-arrange and iterate on timing.

My Whiteboard Timing Draft

I can then try rehearsing and notice when things are taking too long, or going too quickly.

Make markers for elapsed time

Speaking of timing, make sure you add some indicators in your speaker notes. I prefer something like the following on the major slides.

Timing Marks In Speaker Notes

The right-aligned, bright red on dark background stands out enough for me to do a gut-check on where I am in my timing for the talk.

Show the elapsed time and speaker notes

I prefer to place my notes higher up in the presenter screen.

Elapsed Time Target

This works well for in person and remote conferences.

For in-person conferences, you will not look all the way down at your current/prev slides and you maintain at least a bit more eye-level.

It’s even better for a remote conference! You want to look as directly into the webcam as possible, and the notes are now just below that mark.

Additionally I key everything off the “elapsed time” timer because that doesn’t depend on when your give a talk. And you don’t have to change anything to present the content again somewhere else.

What are your tips?