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Learning to knit on twitch

Getting started

I got a kit for $21 off of knitpicks. It’s for a 4-color scarf.

Kit contains:

I was a guest on Illuminatedspace’s twitch stream where Liz was my instructor. She normally streams 10am EST to 12noon EST, and I stream 12noon EST to 2pm EST. We decided to combine them for one big knitting stream!

Your first knot

The first thing we learned was called “long-tail casting-on”. Essentially you tie a series of slipknots onto the 2 needles, held together in parallel.

Let’s just say, I misunderstood exactly how long of a tail I should use!

Getting going

One of the first mistakes I made (which most beginners make) is making my knots too tight. This made it much more difficult to work with. Definitely going to try to adjust my technique on that one.

After doing a couple of rows, it started to feel smoother. I am left hand dominant, but I was doing right-handed knitting, so I was a little clumsy. The only part that was tricky was the very ends of the rows. I’m going to want to slow down and pay closer attention to what I’m doing in that area.

Overall I think it came out decent for my very first time. I don’t know if I’ll keep it and keep going, or cut it off and start over again. Either way, I’m not throwing this piece out; it’s staying here with me as a reminder of my first lesson.